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Thank you so much for visiting the Banners of Love.

My prayer is that you will know and believe God's overwhelming Love for you. In the depths of the darkest place that  you may be right now, He can save you. He longs to have a personal relationship with you and is waiting for you. You will find hope, safety & love with Jesus. Ask Him in, ask Him to come into your heart,  just as you are. God bless you.  Jenifer





Jenifer carries the Fire of God spreading the Good News of the Passion of Jesus Christ! There is literally a stirring in the atmosphere as she  Imparts the Love of Jesus to people through worship & the worship arts!

Jenifer's burning passion is to embrace the Heart of God in Worship, ushering in & hosting His Presence! She Illuminates the true meaning of worship~ Bringing  Fresh Life, Restoration & Revival  to everyone she meets.

It is during intimate Worship & gathering times we ‘Create an Atmosphere’ for His Spirit! As Heaven joins earth, His Love brings Hope, Transformation,  & Healing to hearts, minds & souls.




With a  Passion for worship, Jenifer has ministered since 1991, gifted in worship & banner ministry. Her desire is to reveal & minister the Father's Heart through the transforming power of Worship. In the simplicity of pure & authentic worship unto Jesus Christ, there is unspeakable Love & Joy.

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The Banners of love ministries:

2009 - Present: As the founder & director of the Banners of Love Ministries, Jenifer offers Worship & Banner workshops & conferences to ministries, including: Children, youth, young adults & adults. She is a speaker, with a powerful & authentic testimony of God's grace in her life. Her heart's desire is to lead the hurting, lost & hopeless person to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Abundant Grace, Assembly of God:

2010 - 2018:  For 7 years, Jenifer was part of the Sunday Worship, leading in the worship/ banner ministry, taught classes to adults & children & choreographed processionals & presentations. For 4 years she was part of the weekly supernatural ministry which was lead by Bethel revivalists, Mike & Terri Brown.

Patricia King Ministries:

May 2016: Certificate of Ordination with the Patricia King Institute. Jenifer is an active member with Women in Ministry Network. Patricia King Ministries.

Dancing for Him Ministries:

2011-2013: Certificate of Ordination in Dance & Worship Ministry and Leadership. Approved for teaching & artistic ministries. Pastor Lynn Hayden.


2005: In Christ's Image affiliate and leadership: Licensed leader & teacher's certificate.  Francis Frangipane Ministries.

River of Life Ministry:

1991 - 1996: Jenifer was mentored by Pastor Francis Frangipane, River of Life, in Iowa. She served with Sunday's " healing teams"  and was dedicated to daily intercession & worship. She continues to co labor with  Pastor Francis' ministry through intercession.






Jenifer's powerful testimony of homelessness & hopelessness to hope & love.

The old is gone:

3 decades of my life was consumed with violence, drugs, alcohol & rock & roll. I felt courageous, brave, invincible &  I had many peer friends.  However, it was a life of darkness, oppression & deception. I was trying to cover the shame, fear, panic & loneliness. I had no hope, no joy, no present or future. In my sober moments, I cried for my life to end, even trying to end it myself many times.                     


My journey to Love began in 1991, as I timidly and awkwardly lifted my hands during praise & worship at a local church. I had stepped over the line in that year & gave my broken & torn heart to Jesus Christ. Who was this Jesus? I longed to know Him, for deep in my heart, I knew He was my only chance to live.


In the next 2 years, I pressed in. I became ~one~ with the love songs to Jesus, the tender & loving Word of God & the love & prayers of the church. Every time I worshiped, I felt a~ piece of darkness~ would peel off my heart. I was Healing through the pain! His Love is so Great; He died on the Cross & Rose again, that I would have an Abundant Life in Him!

New Life:

I was being transformed daily by the Love of Christ. I became dedicated to daily intercessory prayer & joined the church ‘healing prayer team.’ I was compelled to worship with expression in movement & dance, at which time, people would comment on how this “touched their hearts. “Jesus was filling me, this empty vessel with His Love! 

Are you weary:

Now, I am here for you. To give~ hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved & find the one who was left behind.

Is it you? Please, contact me. I am here for you. God Bless you. Jenifer