God's Plan!

Releasing Hope~ Purpose~ Freedom & Light into a lost & oppressed community!

In an area in SW Arizona, there is a community of people, who lead a simple life. With minimal contact from the outside world, they have very limited means of income.

The women learn to design & sew all their family’s clothing. These special ladies  gifted in creative & artistic qualities.

4 years ago, God miraculously opened the doors for the Banners of Love to meet 2 of the women in the area. They were excited to learn  the Banners; the beauty of the colors, material, patterns & stitchery.

The Banners of Love & the ladies are now a team, creating beautifully designed & professionally sewn worship banners & clothing!

 The women now have ~ Hope, Purpose & Independence ~ in their lives. In addition, the ladies have an income from sewing the banners, with others wanting to join. The Light of Christ is shining!

We have a dream ~ there will be a Banners of Love factory in the community~ sending out banners to reach the lost & hurting in the World!

How the Banners are made:

The Banners are of quality material, then intricately sewn, ironed, packaged & sent to the home warehouse.

There, the individual staff (rod) is cut to exact length & spin tubes are securely attached to the cloth Banner.

When completed, the Banners are individually wrapped & packaged in plastic sheath, which will ensure years of quality & protection when not in use.

The colors & design of each set of Banners have scriptural significance. The Banners are prayed over prior to being sent out.

Thank you & God Bless,

Jenifer & Catherine  @ the ~Banners of Love~


The Banners are sent with LOVE from the HEART OF GOD!
Blessings to all who visit!