Participate in or Host or a conference!

Are you compelled to Worship but cannot sing well or play an instrument? Are you stuck, asking God what your “calling or purpose is?”  

 Come up Higher~ take Praise & Worship to the next level!

Host or join a BOL conference! 

You will learn why scripture, words, movement, banners & related worship instruments have an impact in the Heavenly realm when incorporated in Worship! Basic techniques & group discussions are included throughout the conference.


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BOL Conference Agenda: 


On Friday evening, BOL teaches the scriptural foundation for the purpose of Banners & wave offerings. We also have a relaxing time in Worship to draw into ~His Presence ~ to honor & adore Him.


Friday: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM:

*Scriptures and the Banners*!  Purpose!

(Learn the Purpose for Banners & Flags in the Scriptures & the Power of Worship.)


*Banners in Praise & Worship!* Passion!

 (During worship time, we will create an atmosphere for ~His Presence ~Bringing Heaven to earth through worship with banners to songs; Releasing restoration, renewal & healing).


Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Participants will have a spirit filled day as we enter into Worship. There will be purpose filled topics usually lasting 15-20 minutes followed by worship songs & activation in the specific topics covered. This conference is led by Holy Spirit, times may vary some.


*Banners for Unity & Reconciliation! *Power!

(Learn the significance of the Banners in reconciliation of the Body of Christ in churches, communities, cities & nations.)


*Banners in Prayer and Intercession! *Power & Purpose!

(Learn applications of the banners in your personal prayer times, group intercession, corporate prayer in local churches, communities & how to carry the Banner to secular areas.)


*Banners & the Battle!  *Power! 

(Learn to incorporate the Banners in intercession & spiritual warfare, war rooms! Gain insight into the Power of Christ through Worship & Banners.)


*Banners & Processionals or Presentations! *Passion & Purpose & Power!

(Learn to usher in His Presence with Processionals, honoring His Majestic Glory.)


*Banners & Healing!* Purpose!

(Learn how walls around your heart are shattered to unveil Christ in your heart & be transformed in worship.)


*Banners & Colors!  *Passion!

(Learn how to incorporate colors of banners in your worship & during worship songs to change the atmosphere & usher in His Presence.)


*Banners & the Mattah!  *Power & Purpose!

(Learn the significance of the Mattah in the Old Testament & apply this powerful weapon in your intercession & warfare.)