Consuming Glory - Flag


Consuming Glory - Flag

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~ Copper surrounding Red inner lame~

“Those at the bottom of the mountain saw the awesome sight! The Glory of the Lord on the Mountaintop looked like a Consuming Fire!” (Exodus 24:17)

Let waves upon waves of Banners fill the sanctuary or assembly place with the beauty of the colors of~ Copper~ meaning ( Glory of the Lord, Strength} and ~ Red~ meaning (Refiner’s Fire, Love, Redemption, Blood of Jesus) of the ~ Consuming Glory~ flags & feel the atmosphere change –taking us from Glory to Glory as God’s people worship and usher in the Glory of God !

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Use ~Consuming Glory~ flags during times of praise & worship, expressive worship, processionals, intercession & warfare!

Flags Overview:

 Orders arrive in 3-5 days. Allow 2-4 weeks for specialty colors & custom made orders. Thank you!

The Flags (cloth) are made of tissue lame, a lightweight, flowing & semitransparent material. The flags are attached to Standards (shafts) by secured spin tubes, creating an expressive, powerful & anointed flow for worship! The Standards are 33 “or 36” in length with a 3/8” diameter, perfect for any sized hand! The flags are made in 2 sizes for adults .The sizes are made versatile for any sized space or sanctuary. 

The words: Banner, Flag and Standard are interchangeable throughout the Bible. In the Old Testament, one of the names of God is "Jehovah Nissi" which means “The Lord our Banner" {Exodus 17:15}. The biblical meanings of the flags are basic. In our context, the flag means to gleam or glisten from afar! The flag is a testimony, a visible sign between heaven & earth!

 Behold! Lift the Flag; lift up the Glistening Light of Jesus Christ!