Gold Dust - Flag

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Gold Dust-flags. Gold Lame. Unity  Line. 12.21.16.jpg

Gold Dust - Flag

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~Gold Lame~

And place your gold in the dust ~ and the gold of Ophir among the stones of the brooks [considering it of little value] ~And make the Almighty your Gold & your Precious Silver! {Job 22: 24-25}

As the rooms are filled with waves of the  brilliant color of ~Gold~ which means (Weight of His Glory, His Presence, Refinement) of the ~Gold Dust’~ flags ~usher the Heavenly realm, bask In the Glory of God ~for He is Precious, Powerful & Glorious!

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Use the~ Gold Dust ~ flags with praise & worship teams, altar calls, healing rooms, intercession, and deep worship.

Flag Overview:

Orders take 3-4 days for delivery. If specialty color, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you !

The Flags (cloth) are made of tissue lame, a lightweight, flowing & semitransparent material. The flags are attached to Standards (shafts) by secured spin tubes, creating an expressive, powerful & anointed flow for worship! The Standards are 33 “or 36” in length with a 3/8” diameter, perfect for any sized hand! The flags are made in 2 sizes for adults .The sizes are made versatile for any sized space or sanctuary. Child size available. For ages 5 years and up.

The words: Banner, Flag and Standard are interchangeable throughout the Bible. In the Old Testament, one of the names of God is "Jehovah Nissi" which means “The Lord our Banner"  or The Lord our Victory.{Exodus 17:15}. The biblical meanings of the flags are basic. In our context, the flag means to gleam or glisten from afar! The flag is a testimony, a visible sign between Heaven & earth!

Behold! Lift the Flag; lift up the Glistening Light of Jesus Christ!